It’s known amongst people that write code, and make computers work and stuff that business or “non-technical” types can’t seem to understand software.  I’ve just thought of this little way that could help, trying to put the problem into their perspective.

Now a “business” person may write a lot of email.  They may also write a lot of documents.  They may also make many promises to people (which they sometimes forget or neglect).

Take all those emails, documents and words, and promises.  Everything.

No imagine they are all inter-linked with one another.  Such as:

One sentence in an email is mis worded grammatically.  This causes a document to be incorrect as an assumption based on that wording has been made incorrectly.  This document is the cause of some procedure that was not followed causing the promise to be made to some person to be broken.

This failure, upset someone.  And they are mad, with all the resulting emotions etc.

To fix this.  The business person must:

1. Find the email that was incorrectly worded based on the upset persons response.

2. Correct the email wording and re-circulate this to all involved parties.

3. Conduct meetings and make sure the gramatical error is understood by all parties.

4. Get the documentation updated and new copies published and circulated.

5. Update procedures and other stuff so that the appropriate promise can be either promised or not.

6. Deliver what ever it was to the customer they were promised wether or not step #5 is possible.

Then immagine the business person having to rinse and repeat this process all the time for obscure things from other people emails?

Stupid isn’t it?

Well, the above is just what software is.  That email is some code.  It may not have been understood.  The problem may not have existed, the edge case may not have been identified. This happens all the time.

Yet, the business people want it fixed.

I think it’s high time business people got out of their dark stripy suits and thought about how they can better understand technology, instead of having it contorted.

Sam, @samotage